Willem Erkelens (Brussels 0.4/Paris 0.5)

, (1941-2004)

In 1975 Willem Erkelens finished his thesis with the title “influence of alcohol and carbohydrates on hypertriglyceridaemia”, followed by a post-doc period in Seattle, where he closely collaborated with John Brunzell and Ed Bierman to further study lipoprotein metabolism. Back in the Netherlands his research focused on the role of CETP in human lipoprotein homeostasis, but he also started the collection of families with familial combined hyperlipidemia to elucidate the corporate genetic background involved in the pathobiology of the disease. Besides his scientific achievements, he chaired the department of Internal Medicine at the University Medical center Utrecht for many years, where he was an inspiration and a role model for young internists in training. In 1998 he hosted the EAS congress with a memorable congress diner in the train traveling through the Netherlands.