Christy Ballantyne

Houston, USA

Tuesday 28 May 15:45

Remant TRL and atherosclerosis

Apo B containing Lipoproteins in ATH

Monday 30 November 00:00

Dyslipidaemia guidelines: What is new?

Dyslipidaemia guidelines: What is new?

Sunday 26 May 16:00

Optimal lipid lowering therapy: New and established therapies

How can we improve outcomes in our patients with CAD?

Monday 27 May 13:15

Future Direction: Round Table

Angiopoietin-like proteins, new players in lipid metabolism

Tuesday 28 May 12:30

REDUCE-IT: an in depth analysis

The Omega-3 tale: Where do we stand?

Tuesday 28 May 14:00

Clinical experience with Bempedoic Acid

New approaches to LDL lowering