Chris Packard

Glasgow, UK

Chris Packard is Professor of Vascular Biochemistry and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. Prof Packard has over his career focussed on two aspects of atherosclerosis research, lipoprotein metabolism and how it is affected by diets and drugs, and large scale clinical trials of lipid lowering agents.More recently his interest has widened to include investigations of emerging risk factors for coronary heart disease and the consequences for social deprivation for health. Prof Packard has published widely on the kinetics of apolipoprotein B and apolipoprotein A metabolism.Key contributions include evaluation of the role of the LDL receptor in vivo, the discovery of metabolic channelling in the apoB lipoprotein delipidation cascade, and the formulation of models to explain the generation of small, dense LDL.More recent research has focussed on the metabolic consequences of insulin resistance and the causes of the dyslipidaemia in metabolic syndrome. Current interests include expansion of kinetic studies to encompass the simultaneous study of the metabolism of plasma lipids and apolipoproteins, and exploration of the mechanism of action of novel lipid lowering drugs.Prof Packard was principal investigator of the pSoBid study, an epidemiological study of the psychosocial and biological determinants of ill health and premature CHD in deprived communities in the east end of Glasgow. Outside the lab Prof Packard is active in local and national initiatives to promote health and wealth gains from medical research.He was founding chairman of NEXXUS, the West of Scotland Bioscience Network which promoted community building and knowledge exchange between life sciences industry, academia and the NHS.

Monday 28 May 08:30

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