Monday 27 May 11:00-12:15

Lipoproteins, lipids and atherosclerosis

Lipolysis of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, vascular inflammation, and atherosclerosis

Jan Borén, Gothenburg, Sweden

Modified lipids and lipoproteins

JL Witztum, San Diego, USA

Wednesday 29 May 11:00-12:15

Omics in predicting CV risk

Shot-gun proteomics to assess vulnerable plaques and future CV risk

Evgeni Levin, North Holland Province, The Netherlands

Decoding the non-coding genome to understand cardiovascular disease

Katey Rayner, Ottawa, Canada

Tuesday 28 May 15:45-17:00

Lipoproteins and Immunity

Immune checkpoints in atherosclerosis / T-cells

Esther Lutgens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday 28 May 11:00-12:15

Cellular crosstalk and plaque stability

Extracellular vesicles as new pharmacological targets to treat atherosclerosis

Dominique de Kleijn, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Wednesday 29 May 11:00-12:15

Celluar metabolism in atherosclerosis and diabetes

Stimulating energy metabolism to combat type 2 diabetes; insight from human translational interventions

Patrick Schrarauwen, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Monday 27 May 11:00-12:15

Fatty liver and CVD

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and vascular complications

Jay Horton, Dallas, USA

Monday 27 May 15:45-17:00

Vascular biology in atherosclerosis

Sortilin in vascular calcification

Elena Aikawa, Boston, USA

Circular non-coding RNA ANRIL modulates ribosomal RNA maturation and atherosclerosis in humans

Lesca Holdt, London, UK

Wednesday 29 May 11:00-12:15

Metabolic dysfunction and CVD

Gut microbiome and cardioascular disease: from promise to delivery

Max Nieuwdorp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brown fat to combat cardiovascular disease

Patrick Rensen, Leiden, The Netherlands

Tuesday 28 May 11:00-12:15

Hematopoietic cells and CVD

Interaction between hemopoeitic cells and endothelium in vasculature

Luisa Iruela-Arispe, Los Angeles, USA

Clonal hematopoiesis in cardiovascular disease states

Siddhartha Jaiswal, Palo Alto, USA

Monday 27 May 15:45-17:00

Cardiovascular risk assessment from epidemiology to genetics

Phenotype, genotype or epigenetics?

Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, Copenhagen, Denmark

What have we learned about CVD risk from genome-wide association studies?

Heribert Schunkert, Munich, Germany

Tuesday 28 May 11:00-12:15

Novel targets for controlling dyslipidaemias

New targets for controlling dyslipidaemias

John Kastelein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday 28 May 15:45-17:00

Vascular ageing

The aging cardiovascular system

Giovanni G. Camici, Zurich, Switzerland

Molecular markers of vascular aging

Michael Sieweke, Marsberg, Germany