Abstract submission

If I submit an abstract do I have to attend the Congress?

All accepted abstracts are scheduled in the Scientific Programme either as Oral or Poster presentations. It is expected that at least one author of the abstract attend the meeting to present the work and answer questions. Only abstracts of registered participants will be scheduled in the Scientific Programme.

I have submitted an abstract, when will I know if it has been accepted?

Only after all abstracts have been reviewed by the Scientific Committee will notifications be sent to the abstract submitters. Every effort is made to conclude this process within one month after the abstract submission deadline. Read the Submission and Guidelines.

How can I make changes to an abstract I have already submitted?

Please send details of any submitted abstracts changes to: eas_abstracts@kenes.com

My abstract has been accepted but I do not have a copy. Are you able to send one to me?

Copies of your submitted abstracts can be sent to you by email. For any further information, please contact:eas_abstracts@kenes.com